You, your vehicle, and anyone or anything riding in the vehicle rely on quality tires.  

Here are 3 warning signs that you should consider replacing your tires…

  1. Warn down treadwear. 
  2. Visual damage, such as bulging.
  3. Age.  Tires 6 years old or older may need replacing.

Tire life, performance, and safety can be compromised if they aren't rotated.  By regularly rotating your tires, you can avoid uneven tread wear.  

Maintaining proper tire pressure will also help the performance and life of your tires as well.  Tire pressure should be checked monthly and adjusted to the correct pressure found on the driverside door jam sticker.

Finally, all-season tires aren't really made for all seasons.  When temperatures drop to 7 degrees celcius or lower, all-season tires lose 25% of their stopping performance. 

Therefore, consider purchasing winter tires for 3 reasons…

  1. Softer rubber compounds.
  2. Aggressive tread design.
  3. Biting groove edges.

So don't mess around with your tires.  To ensure a safe drive please call us or Schedule your next tire inspection, tire rotation, or tire replacement here.

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