If you clicked on this link you're probably a volunteer helping out with a good cause, and we like to support them!  We've narrowed our focus of support to four areas:

Environment: It's pretty easy to enjoy nature and the outdoors living in our area, and we like taking it easy!  If you are working on conservation, environmental restoration or enhancement, hosting a fish derby or educating people about traditional and sustainable uses of our natural resources like hunting, trapping, forestry or anything else to do with the outdoors, we'd like to help.

Education:  Many good things start with education.  Learning initiatives are beneficial to us all and are available to all of us, not just the young (in age!) minds.  If your project is about helping people to learn, we'd like to help.

Healthcare:  We all need healthcare resources and if you haven't used any yet, just keep aging....We are very lucky to have some wonderful resources in our community and they are getting better every year, but there is always room for improvement.  If you're trying to help improve healthcare for anyone that may need it, we'd like to help.

Kids!:  If you can help a kid learn, exercise, create, play or do any other thing that helps them flourish, we'd like to help.

If your project falls under any of the four categories listed above, please fill out our form and submit it.  We can't fund all requests we receive but we'll try and do what we can.

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