Hands-Free Liftgate
The 2020 Jeep Cherokee optional Hands-Free Liftgate let you open your liftgate without having to fumble for your keys or the handle. Just use a straight, gentle kicking motion with your keyless entry key fob in your pocket, and the liftgate will power open.

Key Fob Battery Replacement
If the battery in your 2020 Jeep Cherokee's key fob stops working, it may need a new battery. Learn how to replace it here.

ParkSense Park Assist
Make parking your 2020 Jeep Cherokee easier and safer with the sensor-based ParkSense® feature. This video will increase your safety when parking or driving in reverse.

Backup Cam
2020 Jeep Cherokee features a backup camera system. This reverse camera activates when driving in reverse for increased safety when parking.

This video explains how to use the Homelink® garage door opener in 2020 Jeep Cherokee. Learn about Homelink® programming The Homelink® universal transceiver can replace up to three different remote controls, including your garage door opener.
Driver Memory
The driver memory settings on the 2020 Jeep Cherokee allow for store and quick recall of things like seat position, side mirror position and radio presets, when equipped.
ParkSense Active Park Assist
If equipped, this auto parking system essentially gives you a self parking car. Parallel parking and perpendicular parking just got much easier with the sensor based active park assist. Learn how to park 2020 Jeep Cherokee with this great parking assistance feature.
Forward Collision Warning
This video shows how the 2020 Jeep Cherokee's Forward Collision Warning can signal danger to an oncoming collision ahead. This collision avoidance system uses a collision mitigation braking system to help you perform evasive action when necessary.
Instrument Cluster Display
2020 Jeep Cherokee's instrument cluster display provides important messages and information at a glance. See more features of the driver display and gauge cluster in this video. Learn how the Menu button controls navigation of the instrument panel display.
Adaptive Cruise Control
Learn how to operate 2020 Jeep Cherokee's intelligent cruise control system, also known as adaptive cruise control or ACC. This dynamic radar cruise control adjusts speed to ensure a set distance between you and the car in front of you.
Wiper Blade Replacement
When it's time to replace the wiper blades on your 2020 Jeep Cherokee, an authorized dealer can provide you with the right set for your vehicle… and you can install them yourself, in just a few minutes.
Tire Jacking/Change
This video details the tire changing procedure for the 2020 Jeep Cherokee to find the car jack equipment and learn how to use a jack and how to change a flat tire in the event your vehicle has a flat tire.
Tire Service Kit
Learn how to fix a flat tire with this handy, on-board accessory. This video covers how to use the 2020 Jeep Cherokee flat tire repair kit including: where to position the valve stem when parking, how to connect the filler tube to the tire valve, how to assemble the sealant bottle with the compressor holder, and how to activate this kit in order to inflate the flat tire. You will also learn important information about testing your tires when using this tire inflation kit.


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